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The Technology

WISE products empower you to save money, reduce waste, and control your energy usage with our patented technology. It works by allowing you to store energy from the grid or renewables to use later when you need the energy. You can also monitor your energy usage to identify opportunities to change behaviors leading to waste. In addition, our technology integrates with smart devices so you can manage them from your mobile device or computer through a simple heads-up display.

Energy Assessment

Take the free WISE Energy Assessment and get a profile of how you use electricity. The custom view of your home or business' electric utility use will show you how much you spend each month on electricity by breaking down the cost of every electrical device in your home. Use one of our predefined templates, based on our extensive research of typical homes and offices, to get an instant look at your average energy use based on your utility company's rates.

Energy Assessment



Turn your home into a next-generation smart home with WISE technology. You will save money on electric bills while reducing your home’s carbon footprint. You will also have complete control over your home’s energy usage down to each individual outlet and light switch. The process starts with an Energy Assessment to identify your personal energy needs and the cost for creating a customized solution for you.


WISE technology will benefit your company’s bottom line by reducing utility bills and increasing energy efficiency throughout all your buildings and facilities. Storing energy will also allow you to avoid the potential for blackouts and other malfunctions normally disruptive to your operations. In addition, you can integrate Internet of Things technology (IoT) to monitor and control energy usage to drastically reduce waste, thus further increasing your company’s savings.


WISE technology is installed by our Partners in the HVAC, electrical, solar, and other energy industries. Our Partners enjoy additional revenue streams and business development opportunities as they perform energy audits, installations, or sales of WISE technology. Each partner has a well-defined role and territory, thus ensuring they can provide the highest quality of service to their customers with WISE technology.


WISE technology empowers energy users to gain greater control of electric power through efficient energy management. The software integrates with an on-site controller and battery storage hardware. This patented technology enables users to save money on electric bills while creating value for electric utilities by providing usage data all the way to the grid’s edge. The system also allows energy users to control the internet-enabled devices in their home or commercial business from a smartphone or other mobile device through the IoT.

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